How to Live Stream Micro Weddings for Event Planners

How to Live Stream Micro Weddings for Event Planners

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
July 15, 2021

Hey, thanks for checking in! I know you’re busy creating intimate and memorable experiences for your clients, so this will be brief. Promise.

Here at EventLive, we love working with small businesses that offer curated services because that’s something we can relate to. We’ve been working with wedding venues and planners before the pandemic started and we shifted our focus to mini and micro weddings since then.

We’re writing this guide because we want to help you and your business grow.

Do you remember those authentic and casual interactions we used to have with our clients? While those might not come back immediately, we’re bringing people closer in a unique way.

Let me show you how.

micro wedding by the ocean

In this brief guide you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of adding value to your Micro Wedding packages with Live Streaming
  • How to get your events online in the easiest and fastest way possible
  • Insider tips to help you succeed

Before you run away and never look back, let me stop you right there.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy.
  • You don’t need to invest money to get started
  • You don’t need to hire extra employees for this

I know... your overhead costs keep getting higher every month and all you wanted was to offer simple planning and intimate events.
It looked easier on Pinterest, right?

Why should you offer live streaming for intimate weddings?

It's simple: Your clients are asking for it.

Most of your competitors are offering live streaming services… and if they aren’t, they won’t be competitors for much longer.

Toda I want to focus on what’s important: your clients.

Including live streaming services sends all the right signals to your leads. They're looking for someone who can help them provide a unique experience for their event. And what's more unique than integrating family and friends without even increasing the budget?

Think about the relief your brides will experience when you tell them that everyone they care about will be able to watch their wedding day.

Even grandma, or the non-tech savvy family members, will be able to leave them good wishes on their guestbook.

How will that make them feel?

live stream using your iphone and a microphone
You can live stream using any smartphone

Adding value to your services with Live Streaming

You have the perfect setup for an intimate ceremony. It is gorgeous and every detail is taken care of.

The photographer arrived and took photos of everything. The couple didn’t want to hire a videographer because they’re on a budget, and video can be expensive. And even if they did, the video won’t be ready right away.

They’ll receive their photos after a while, and hopefully, you’ll receive some decor photos as well. Those are great. They help you sell your services to prospective clients in the future.

If that’s what your process looks like, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

You’re not showing your services, location, or decor to the couple’s families or friends.

Here’s when live streaming kicks in. By integrating their family and friends, you're allowing them to experience the event together. To gather for this.

On top of that, they’ll visit a simple website with your branding on top and will watch the unforgettable ceremony you planned for them.

virtual wedding live stream
Viewing page demo. Your logo will be on top left.

All you need is a phone and a tripod (assuming you don’t want to hold the phone the whole time).

If your venue doesn’t have a sound system or you’re really far from the action, you might need a small mic.

Assuming that you have a phone, the whole setup would cost anywhere between 40 to 60 USD. If the venue already owns a light stand and there is a sound system, the cost is literally zero to get started.

But wait, is live streaming free?

It isn’t, but it’s affordable. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to try two micro weddings for free when you add them to your clients’ packages. download the EventLive app for Android or iOS

So... how does that bring value to my clients?

Your clients will receive a short, private link to share with their family and friends. The guests don't need to download anything to watch the wedding.

After the live stream, the couple can access the same link to watch or download their wedding video immediately. It will be available for one year.

They will be able to download both the video and the guestbook.

What about you?

  • Your business increases its word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Your clients get a wedding video and a live stream.

Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

Is that it? Almost!

When the guests click on your logo, they’ll go straight to your website. I’m sure you’ll love the extra leads at the end of the day.

How to get your events online

(in the easiest and fastest way possible)

Let’s get you set up.

Live streaming can be extremely simple, or as complicated as you want it to be.

Some live streaming solutions will force you to manage guests, like Zoom, or pay for installing cameras. That’s a big no for us.

EventLive works on any location as long as you have an internet connection.

We like simplicity, and we think that it allows you to focus on what matters most: Your client’s experience.

This is all you need to get started

  • Smartphone: The newer the better, but all of them work just fine.
  • Microphone: You will need one if you’re away from the action or if your venue doesn’t have a sound system. You can get either a very affordable option or a higher-end one if you’re going to be outdoors or in windy conditions.
  • Tripod: Any light stand will do with a phone mount on top.

Oh, and don't forget about the EventLive app for Android or iOS

live streaming setup for weddings
Complete live streaming setup: Smartphone + Mic + Tripod

You will need WiFi or LTE to live stream events.

It’s very likely that you already have an internet connection so you might not need to worry about this. For a micro wedding with almost no guests using it, the WiFi is usually great.

If the connection is bad or you’re too far away from the router, we recommend you get a 4G/LTE connection on your phone. This will solve any problems you might have.

Chances are that you have access to a stable internet connection. In case that you don’t, the easiest thing to do is to test the mobile data on location with our free tests.

You’ll notice that using a mobile data plan and the most basic setup can get you amazing results for your clients and their families.

Then, if you need it, you can upgrade your setup.

Using a data plan?

For 4G/LTE connections, make sure that your internet provider doesn’t limit the speed when you reach a data limit.

Insider tips to live stream micro weddings

Your couples have embraced the shift towards intimate weddings and it looks like it’s a perfect time to adapt your business too.

Your clients’ needs have changed.

Let’s see what are the best ways to adapt.

Make it easy for them simplifying the whole process.

Add Live Streaming services to all your packages and watch your business grow. The costs of this can be as low as $35 per event.

The best part? This isn't another subscription. You only pay for the events you book.

Up-sell to those who can afford it.

Adding services to your packages doesn’t work for your business?

Simply offer live-streaming services as an add-on. Most of our clients found better success when adding it to their packages, but the ones who sell it as a stand-alone service make anywhere between 280 to 375 USD extra per event.

Offer solutions.

Some couples look at micro weddings as an alternative to save money or to reduce decision fatigue.

Nothing can replace a great videographer on location, but we come as close as it gets at a fraction of the cost.

micro wedding outdoors

Add value to the comparison.

When clients are choosing a venue or wedding planner, they want to get the most out of their money.

A wedding video available to download right after the ceremony sounds like a lot of value, doesn’t it?

Think about adding these to your packages and how much they'll impact your sales:

  • Live Stream for Unlimited Guests
  • Full HD Video
  • Wedding Replay & Download (available for one year)
  • Virtual Photo Guestbook

Grow your business.

We keep track of how many people watch online weddings.

Hint: It’s a lot.

Those viewers could become your clients tomorrow if they watch your event as it happens.

Give them the chance to do it, you can thank us later ;)

Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you grow your business.

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