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It’s almost as perfect as being there

live stream your wedding using a smartphone

"Everything you need to host a beautiful, socially distant wedding"

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“People could comment as they were watching, and you didn’t need an app to watch it or anything”

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Your perfect day is just a click away for your remote guests

Share your secure private link with them.
One click is all they need to watch – wherever they are.

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“My grandmother in the nursing home, my uncle who is recovering from cancer, and our relatives across the ocean who were affected by travel bans could all watch our wedding.”

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Go live with your smartphone

Everything you need to livestream your wedding with one simple phone app.

Even if you’ve never done live events, EventLive has all the features you need to get you set up and streaming for the big day. And, should you need it, we’re always live and online with tips and support.

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How To Go Live

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Invite Guests

Share your custom link

tap rec to go live

Tap to Go Live

Tap the rec button, you're live

tap rec to go live

One click to watch

No sign up, no registration

They won’t miss the moment

Stop, pause and go live again. Start at the ceremony and continue at night or whenever you prefer.

Your guests will automatically receive friendly email reminders inviting them to “share the moment” by rewinding or replaying the video at their own convenience.

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“I was able to live stream the ceremony, then speeches and the reception. The ability to stop and start and have those watching getting notified each time ensured they didn’t miss anything.”

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Replay and Download

Your live streamed event video is automatically saved in high resolution.
Download the recorded event any time after and enjoy the replay for years to come.

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Real wedding live streams

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Simple pricing for your wedding day

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What's Included?
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24 hours HD streaming
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Pause and Resume stream to the same link
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Unlimited guests
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Replay and download for 1 year
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Customize your wedding livestream link and page
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Link to your Gift / Cash registries
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Digital Photo Guestbook or Chat
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Personalize with welcome message, video, photo or slideshow
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Automatic email guests reminders
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Optional password protection
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Invite by link or by email
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Money-Back Guarantee
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Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our service.
If it doesn't work for you, we'll refund you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will guests see and hear each other?

No. This is a one-way stream. Guests will be able to watch your wedding day without seeing or hearing each other.

What do my guests need to be able to watch my event?

Viewers anywhere simply click on the invitation-link to attend the wedding. No apps or downloads required and event live works on any mobile phone or device with internet access.

As the host, how long can we stream our event for?

24 hours from the start time. Stop and start again as many times as you'd like. Your guests will receive a notification that you're live again!

Can I start streaming before the event start time?

You can start streaming one hour before your scheduled event time. We recommend you to start 10 minutes before.

Do I get a copy of the live stream video after the event?

Yes. Your wedding video will be recorded on your mobile device as well as our servers. Downloading and sharing it after the event is easy.

Can I add my own video or slideshow to my wedding?

You can easily upload your own video or slideshow. Your guests will see it while waiting for your main event to start. You can also replace the streamed wedding with an edited video after it went live.

Can someone else record and stream my wedding for me?

Absolutely. You can send the streaming link to someone else who can then stream the event for you. All they need to do is download the EventLive App and sign in with your account.

Can I stream from a camera?

Yes. The EventLive app has been optimized for mobile devices, but it works equally well with all types of equipment – DSLR’s, Laptops, GoPros, or video cameras – for your live stream.

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Guestbook included

Your loved ones can leave you best wishes and messages
You can download the guestbook or disable it from the stream.

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As private as you like

Choose who you share the ceremony with. No ads, no login. A simple website that streams everywhere.

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Universal Access

Works on any device, in any browser. No accounts, login, or downloads required for your guests. To go live, you only need to download our App.

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Unlimited viewers and views for your ceremony.
When the stream is finished, receive a complete, downloadable recording of your stream.

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All eyes on you

Your guests will receive automatic email reminders one day and one hour before your wedding live stream. They will also be notified as soon as it goes live.

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Your family and friends can watch in real time as it takes place, or on their own time. With the private link, they can access the live stream for up to a year.

Schedule your wedding live stream in less than 5 minutes.

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