A YouTube Live alternative that allows you to play the music you want

Watch without an account, live stream from your phone, and so much more.

Key Points
  • Great video quality
  • No ads, no interruptions, no "related" videos
  • You can go live from your phone in less than 5 min
  • Includes guestbook with photos and messages
  • Replay and Download available for one year
  • Automatic reminders for guests
  • Pause and resume video to the same link
  • Human support: Chat, email and phone
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Key Points
  • Great video quality
  • You need 1000 subscribers to live stream from your smartphone
  • You need 100 subscribers to customize your link
  • Your video will be taken down if you play copyrighted music
  • You can add links in the description of the video
  • "Related" videos will be shown right next to yours and ads might show before your live stream
  • It doesn't allow you to go live to the same link more than once
  • Support is non-existent

You only have one chance to do it right.

EventLive allows you to test multiple times before going live.
You can test video, audio and internet to ensure a fantastic experience for your viewers.

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Amount of Guests



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Comment section that can't be downloaded or exported.

Guest Reminders
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Guests have to sign in.

Password Protection
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Time Limit

24 Hours

12 Hours

Resume live stream using the same link
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Videos will be unified in a single download.

Download Available
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Full recording on device + Download for Guests

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Only host

Backup of your Event for Download

365 Days


No App needed to join
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No Login Required for Guests
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Add links to Registry / Website
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In the description

Add Slideshow to Event Page
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Custom link
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Only with 100 subscribers

Ways to Go Live / Supported Devices

iOS and Android App / GoPro / Mevo / Laptop / Webcam / Professional DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

iOS and Android App / GoPro / Mevo / Laptop / Webcam / Professional DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Watch on TV
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Chromecast and AppleTV

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Human Support
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Live Chat and Email


Can't play copyrighted music or the video will be taken down / muted. You need at least 1.000 thousand subscribers to live stream on mobile.

Ease of Use
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$50 for One event, or $35/each for 10 events


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EventLive is not only a YouTube Live alternative, it's an improvement.

The main problem with YouTube live is that your video will be taken down when you play copyrighted music. If you're lucky, it will be muted instead and family and friends might be able to watch a silent video.

EventLive offers a private viewing experience, away from social media. YouTube also allows you to live stream to an unlisted URL, but it includes ads and "related videos" right next to your private event.

YouTube won't allow you to go live more than once to the same link.
EventLive allows you to pause and resume the video unlimited times within 24 hours.

Image quality-wise, both platforms offer excellent resolution and neither one is better than the other. The biggest difference for professionals is that EventLive allows you to white-label your viewing page. While on YouTube people will see their logo, on EventLive every guest will see (and click) on your brand's logo.

Unless you're a prolific YouTuber with thousands of subscribers, you won't be able to live stream from your smartphone using Google's platform.

Run a test and pay only if you love it.

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