Frequently Asked Questions about Live Streaming

Do I get a copy of the live stream video after the event?
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Yes! The video will be recorded on our servers and you will be able to download it after the event. If you have enough free space on your phone, it will also be recorded to your gallery.

Can I start streaming before the event start time?
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You can start streaming one hour before your scheduled event time. Stop and start the live stream as many times as you'd like. For a wedding, for example, you can stream the ceremony, then stop and restart later for the speeches and first dance, etc., and your guests will receive a notification each time you're live!

Can someone else do the streaming of the event?
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Yes! You can send the link to download the app and your login information to someone else and they can stream the event for you.

How long can I stream for?
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From the event start time, streaming is available for 24 hours. You can stop the live stream and start again as many times as you'd like. Your guests will receive a notification that you're live again!

How do reminders work?
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When your viewers visit your live stream link, they have the option to "Get Reminders". They can leave their email address to get notified when you go LIVE. Automatic reminders will also be sent out by our system 1 day and 1 hour before your event to everyone you added to your Guest List. The guests can “unsubscribe” from reminders at any point.

Can I stream from a different device?
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Yes. Even though the EventLive app is designed to be used on Android or Apple devices, you can easily use different gear for your live stream (DSLR, Laptop, GoPro, etc.). You can find the RTMP link and stream key information in our Broadcaster console.

Can I add my own video or slideshow to my event?
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Yes, you can upload your own video or slideshow. Your guests will see it as they wait for the event to start.

Can I personalize my invite link?
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Customizing your unique link is very easy to do. You will get a unique link for your event that you can share via email, invites, or even social media.

Any streaming tips?
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Charge your phone and make sure you are connected to the network that you would like to use for streaming. Remember to clean your phone lens before starting the live stream.

Is there a guestbook?
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Yes, guests can leave comments and wishes with photos in the guestbook section of the streaming page. You can check your streaming web link to see comments from your guests!

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