About EventLive

Hi! We are Mark and Julia, founders of EventLive.

Before launching EventLive, Julia was a destination wedding photographer and helped hundreds of couples capture the most precious moments with their family, so they can cherish them for a lifetime. Throughout her career, she had seen so many couples heartbroken as they were torn between their dream destination wedding and being able to include everyone they love.

Mark is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in different industries. He is passionate about solving real world problems and helping people!

That’s why they set out on a journey to solve the problem of including everyone in live's most important moments, with these core principles in mind: Privacy, Family, Simplicity. We believe with a simple app, families and communities can be brought closer and participate in each other’s lives remotely.

founders mark sergienko and julia eskin
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Our Team

mark sergienko eventlive founder
Mark Sergienko

co-FOUNDER & technology

julia eskin eventlive founder
Julia Eskin

CO-FOUNDER, Product & support

gaston garcia
Gaston Garcia


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