Best Practices for Live Streaming a Business Event

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
January 25, 2023
Best Practices for Live Streaming a Business Event

Live streaming a business event, conference, or annual meeting, should be a simple task. Even with a limited budget, these tips will help you get the best out of your next event.

Here are some tips to make it an enjoyable experience for anyone watching at home.

Let’s go straight to the best practices:

Plan ahead

Collect all the information and details that viewers need to follow the live stream with ease. This is crucial to make it an enjoyable experience. If you’re presenting statistics, or data of any other kind, make sure that it is easily accessible for attendees.

Upload a PDF or Add links to the information

For annual meetings and presentations in general, uploading the slides, an event program, or important statistics and data will help attendees follow up.

If the information is confidential and cannot be shared until the actual event, you can add the PDF as a link on the live chat during the event.

live streaming a slide presentation at a business event
Slides are hard to follow as they cannot be seen

Buy a wireless microphone

For as little as 60 USD, you can have excellent audio quality on your live stream. Buying the correct wireless microphone might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not.

Unless you’ll be speaking directly to the streaming device, a simple mic will vastly improve your attendance rate and viewer experience.

Use a tripod

To prevent camera shakiness and broadcast a steady image, you must place the smartphone, tablet, or camera on a tripod. You can get an inexpensive one for less than 25 USD.

Think about placement

When placing the tripod at the event, ensure that the speaker or presenter can be seen clearly at all times. If there is an individual managing the live stream, they can use the zoom buttons within the app to focus on the subject and/or slides.

Place your device where the presenter can be seen. Screen from EventLive App

Have a person monitoring the live stream and chat

Assign a person to monitor the live stream and read questions from the audience. They can also act on feedback received from viewers and modify the camera angle or improve the audio if needed.

Engage with your audience

During the live stream, engage with your virtual guests by answering questions, encouraging feedback, or simply prompting them to connect with each other through the live chat.

That’s it for the actual live stream.

To grow your business or reach a larger audience, here are a few bonus tips.

Live streaming best practices: Prior to the actual event

Besides promoting your event via the company email distribution, social media, LinkedIn or any other channel that your business uses, here are a couple more tips to increase the quality of your event.

Upload a Slideshow or short video

When people access the live stream link, they will see a cover photo or slideshow, depending on your settings. It is best to include a small video or slideshow to boost excitement and encourage guests to activate notifications.

Embed the live stream on your website

Business live streams are a fantastic opportunity to acquire new customers, strengthen your relationship with loyal ones, and improve your brand image.

Something as simple as embedding your live stream on your website can help you get them to find the right information with ease.

If you don’t know how embedding the stream works, don’t worry about it. It’s easier than it looks and you can use the same link for your upcoming events.

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