How to Embed a Live Stream on your Website

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
January 19, 2022
How to Embed a Live Stream on your Website

Embedding your live streams directly to your website allows you to attract more visitors to it.

The process is very simple, but depending on the website platform you use, you might need a different set of instructions. I’ll help you with that today.

EventLive allows you to simply copy and paste a code, which you can customize to include features such as Guestbook or Chat. If you wanted to include only the video portion of your broadcast, it can also be done with a couple of clicks.

What are the benefits of embedding live streams on your website?

  • Visitors will be able to watch your events without ever leaving your page. You can control what they see, and how they see it.
  • Your live streams can be a part of the “portfolio” you show to your clients.
  • You can create content surrounding the live stream itself, to improve your SEO.

So… better Google Rankings, updated portfolio, using your own website, and controlling the entire look and feel of your business. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Where is my embed code?

The first thing you need to do is access the EventLive broadcaster on any computer.

Now, let’s see the step by step:

  • Open the event you want to embed
  • On the top-right corner, press “Event Settings
  • Now on the navigation bar, press “Embed

You will see a screen like this:

how to embed a live stream on a website

You can customize the embed by choosing if you want to show all of EventLive’s features, such as Guestbook and Chat, or if you just want to display the Video.

You can also deactivate Autoplay, which I recommend doing if you’re embedding more than one live stream per page.

After customizing it, copy the entire code that starts with “<iframe…”. There is a simple “Copy” button on the right side that will do the job for you.

How do I embed a live stream on my website?

Every website is different, so I’ll list a few of the most common options. The most important thing you need to know is that this is HTML code, and every website builder has a different way of adding code to it. You can usually find a “Code” block or “HTML” version of your website.

See instructions for:

How to embed in a WordPress Blog

  • Create a new blog post
  • Move your mouse over the text editor, until the + sign appears.
  • Press the “+” sign.
  • Choose “Custom HTML”
wordpress embed a live stream

  • Copy the Embed code from your Event Settings.
  • Paste your Embed code in the HTML box
embed code for a wordpress website

  • Publish the page
  • Done!

How to embed in a WordPress Website Builder

Depending on the Website builder you’re using, the HTML code block can be found in a few different locations.

I’ll show you a couple examples for the most popular web builders like Divi or Elementor, but the process is very similar for every other WordPress system.

Embed your live stream using Divi

  • Press on the + icon to add a new module.
  • Choose the “Code” option from the menu.
embedding a live stream on a divi website

  • Paste the HTML code and save your progress.
embedding a live stream on a divi website

  • Publish the page
  • Done!

Embed your live stream using Elementor

  • Find the HTML widget on your left panel.
  • Drag and drop it into your page
html widget in elementor
  • The HTML panel will replace the previous one on the left panel.
  • Copy the embed code from your Event Settings, within EventLive
  • Paste the HTML code in Elementor
  • Publish the page
  • Done!

Embed your live stream in a Squarespace Website

  • Open the page on which you want your live stream to appear
  • Find the + sign to add a block
  • Choose the Code block at the bottom of the menu
embedding a live stream on a website
  • Replace the code inside with the live stream embed code provided within your Event Settings
  • Click Apply to save your changes
  • Done!

Embed your live stream in a Wix Website

  • On the left side of your screen, press the + sign.
  • Choose Embed, and then Custom Embeds
  • Press “Embed a Widget”

embedding a live stream on wix

  • Click “Enter Code”
  • Add the embed code provided by EventLive within your Event Settings
  • Click Apply to save your changes


Embedding a live stream into your website is optional. As EventLive uses your own branding on the event page, embedding a live stream is an alternative way to show your previous events to prospects or future customers. It also allows you to create a custom page for your video using content related to the event.

It takes just a few minutes to get it done, and the more you share your live streaming work on your website, the more clients you're going to book.

If you need help, technical or otherwise, we're here to assist you.

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