Wedding Live Streaming Checklist

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
November 8, 2021
Wedding Live Streaming Checklist

Live streaming your wedding day is easy when you have everything you need. But… what if you forget about a key item of your setup?

Things can go from simple to overwhelmingly complicated in seconds.

After being part of thousands of wedding live streams, we prepared a list of everything you need to guarantee an enjoyable live streaming experience.

EventLive’s Wedding Live Stream Checklist

Pre-Event Checklist

Estimate time required: 10-15 minutes.

  • Create and Schedule your Event on the EventLive app
  • Share the Event Link with your friends and family
  • Assign someone to do the Live Stream for you and send them our app, so they can get familiarized with it. It will take them 5 minutes at most.
  • Write a pinned message encouraging your guests to sign your Digital Guestbook or thanking them for being present
  • Run a free live streaming test to see how the app works

Optional: Add your Guests' email addresses so they are automatically notified when your event starts. They can also RSVP to achieve the same result.

Packing for the Event

Estimated time required: 5 minutes.

  • Fully charge the live streaming device
  • Pack an extra battery or battery bank
  • Include your device cables and/or charger
  • If using your Smartphone, purchase an unlimited data plan
  • Bring a tripod for best results
  • If you’re sharing a phone, give the live streamer the password to access the device
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Wedding Day: Live Streamer Checklist

Estimated time required: 5 minutes.

  • Run a speed test at the ceremony location using You need an Upload speed of 3Mbps+ for a successful live stream.
  • Optional but recommended: Run a free live streaming test
  • Set the phone on a small tripod, open the App, and press “Go Live”.
  • Tap the record button when you’re ready to start.

Recommended: Compare the Upload speed of the local WiFi vs your Data Plan and choose the one that works best.

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Post Wedding Day

No required time, just goodies!

  • Enjoy the replay! Watch your event as many times as you’d like for a full year
  • Download your Wedding Live Stream video
  • Download your Digital Guestbook with the lovely messages from your family and friends
  • If anyone missed it live, you can share the replay video with them

Before you go, don't forget to get our free wedding checklist.
You can have it handy on your phone to make sure you're not forgetting anything on your wedding day.

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