Important guests can’t make it to your wedding. Now what!?

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
May 10, 2022
Important guests can’t make it to your wedding. Now what!?

Are you feeling bad because your guests can’t make it on your wedding day? Don’t panic. You don’t need to fall into the guilt trap or change your wedding plans because of it.

What if I told you that there’s a way in which you can invite unlimited people without affecting your budget? You can make it easy for all your loved ones to be there, even when it’s impossible for them to attend in person.

You could help half a dozen people pay for transportation, accommodation, or anything that’s preventing them to be there, or… you could simply live stream your ceremony. You will make it possible for everyone to be there. Oh, and without hurting your budget.

Let me show you how.

Your family or friends can’t attend. What are your options?

You made important decisions such as the wedding date and venue, sent the invites, and you’ve heard back from some people who can’t make it.

Maybe at some point you felt like it was just a party or a celebration, but as the date approaches it’s sad to see some of your close relatives or friends declining.

wedding rsvp

It’s really important to have them by your side, I know.

Before your start feeling hurt, let me show you a few options that will make you -and them- feel a little bit better about the situation.

Let’s start with the least preferable ones so we get them out of the way.

Option #1: Family and Friends will be able to watch it later

Hiring a professional videographer and sending them the video 4 to 12 weeks later.


  • You will get a beautiful video
  • They will be able to watch an edited version of your wedding day
wedding photography and video


  • It’s expensive.
  • It takes a really long time to get it back and share your day with the ones you care about.
  • Some of them won’t care, as the date already passed by.

Option #2: Fly them in or accommodate their needs

In many cases, the “I can’t be there” excuses are related to work or financial struggles. If you have the means, you could help them alleviate the costs.


  • They will be there for you
  • They will be truly grateful
wedding fund and savings


  • It can get really expensive
  • They might not be able to take days off
  • They might be ill or can’t make it physically

Option #3: Allow them to be there in real-time

For under $100 you can live stream your wedding day and allow them not only to be there “live”, but also to watch the replay if they are busy at the time.


  • Anyone can do this with a smartphone and an internet connection
  • You can do it without buying anything
  • Any of your family and friends can take care of it, so you can relax, enjoy your wedding day, and relive the wedding day the very next day. The replay will be there for a full year and you can download it or share it with your family and friends.
  • You get to keep a video recording instantly, after the live stream ends
wedding ceremony live stream


  • It costs $50

Option #4: Plan an intimate wedding

Sadly, you might have to accept that not everyone will be available. This option involves adapting to the harsh reality that some people simply can’t make it, and enjoying it with the ones who will be there. You can still have a great time with the ones who didn’t bail at the last minute.

Weddings are a blast, but it isn’t always easy to attend. The best thing you can do is to enjoy it as much as you can.

sparklers at wedding reception

In this case, I’d still try to include the ones who would love to be there but cannot attend due to illness, long distances, or other inconveniences.

Now that you are aware of your options, let’s dig a little deeper.

You might not need to cut down your guest list

The worst part about designing a guest list is leaving people out. You might not want to invite hundreds of people, or you might not be able to afford everyone you want to be there. Maybe someone is ill or just can’t attend for work reasons.

wedding guests

This can all be solved by streaming your wedding ceremony, so the ones who care can attend virtually. You can still plan the wedding of your dreams, and invite everyone who might not be able to be there (even the ones that didn’t make the cut to your final guest list).

Using a live streaming app, you can place your phone in the middle of the aisle and get amazing real-time video -and great audio- for every guest at home. Well, technically, you don’t have to do it; one of your friends or family members will do it for you. It’s as easy as recording a video on your phone.

using a phone to livestream a wedding ceremony
Using a phone to livestream a wedding ceremony

By doing this, you can even save money by sending virtual invitations to these guests, instead of physical ones, that tend to be expensive.

How much will it cost?
This is the best part. It’s so affordable that you can get a gorgeous event page, a virtual guestbook, the ability to watch the replay, and download your own wedding video for as little as $50.

This solution allows you to include the elderly, even if they reside in a nursing home. All they need is someone who can click on a link for them. No apps or downloads are required. No registration, just a single click to watch your wedding day.

Are people making you feel guilty for not inviting them?

Invite them virtually. If they do care, they will be there for you.

You will get an email list of everyone who left a message on your guestbook, and you can choose to collect emails from those who watched online.

watching a wedding live stream

The people who love you will understand if your budget is tight and you can’t invite everyone you’d love to. They will support you by being there in spirit and even commenting on your virtual guestbook as a sign of support.

How to have a big wedding on a small budget

Your wedding budget might or might not be the reason why you’re allowing them to attend online… but why not save some money while doing it?

When planning your wedding, you might feel the pressure to invite people that haven’t talked to for years or even people you don’t really enjoy spending time with. With the cost per guest being over $300 in most states, deciding who to invite can be a hard, painful process.

Cutting guests results in feelings of guilt and regret. Some people might understand, while others might lash out and hurt your feelings.

Whether your budget is a concern or not, you can invite unlimited people without spending an extra $300-400 per guest. Try scheduling your wedding live stream today. In under 5 minutes, you will notice how simple it is to include everyone you love.

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