How to Use Live Streaming to Grow Your Business

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
February 8, 2022
How to Use Live Streaming to Grow Your Business

Live streaming is a powerful tool for small business owners. It allows you to connect with a live audience while growing your business at the same time. It’s a perfect combination between what works in marketing today, and where the world is going -or where I think it’s going.

If you own a small business, you might already know that the perfectly curated feeds and the meticulously edited videos are over. People are looking for the real thing. They are looking for something raw.

Live streaming, by nature, is real. It can't be faked or heavily edited.

Creating content for your own business

Create real content first. Raw content.

I know.. raw looks bad. We have that problem ourselves, at EventLive. We can’t produce enough raw material, because we feel like it doesn’t make justice to all the good stuff we have to show. You might be experiencing this problem too.

Who cares about how you pack your live streaming kit before heading to an event? Well, clients do. They care more about that than they care about that perfectly edited video you’re putting up for them. If you don’t believe me, post both and check the analytics.

julia live streaming a wedding
Julia preparing her portable streaming setup before the ceremony starts

They’re curious. They want to see the behind the scenes because the closed curtains aren’t working for businesses anymore. Transparency is here to stay.

That’s where live streaming plays in your favor. They do want the beautiful edits, but as a keepsake. They want to experience the real thing. And here’s the cherry on top: their friends and families want that too.

It might sound controversial, but think about it. You’re recording a seminar and live streaming to 300 people. Will they watch the recording a year later, or will they think about the things they learned during the live event?

The owner will value the recording. Everyone else will prefer the live event.

It’s all about timing.

How to use live streaming in your business

First of all, put yourself in front of your business. Show your expertise and educate your clients with Q&As, behind the scenes, or anything you can do to grow your audience.

You can live stream to any platform where your clients hang out. Do they use Instagram? Use Instagram live. Do they use Facebook groups? Facebook live is your best option.

TikTok? Reels? YouTube Shorts? I thought so. Create small clips and post them as often as you can. Keep the polished videos for the feed, and the behind the scenes for everything else.

eventlive behind the scenes
Mark & Julia (EventLive co-founders)

I can guarantee that the behind the scenes will grow your business much farther than any finished product will ever do. Use your common sense and mix it up with your best materials so they can see the polished results too.

When you have events, the same principle applies. The finished product will be cherished by the client, but the live stream will grow your business -and theirs.

In order to grow your business you need to understand that live streaming is more than a service you provide. Live streaming is marketing in real time. 90% of event attendees will never see the recorded videos, but 100% of the people who watched online will see your logo, your brand, and the quality of your work, instantly.

Whether you are convinced to try it or just debating in your head if it’s worth doing it, think about the ways in which your audience -no matter how small- would benefit from this. That’s where you should start.

Conclusion and Final Tips

There are many benefits of live streaming for small businesses. One is the ability to connect with your audience in real time, which can lead to increased conversions and better customer service. Another benefit is the ability to have a more personal connection with your customers, which can help build trust between you and your audience.

Trust builds businesses, and you can use live streaming to build that trust.

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Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia

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