Frequently Asked Questions about Live Streaming Funerals & Memorials

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
September 1, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions about Live Streaming Funerals & Memorials

Even though funerals are still traditionally done in person, more and more people are choosing to stream the service online for the ones that couldn't be there. Technology has made it easier for families to deal with the loss of their loved ones during the pandemic, and everything indicates that these changes are here to stay.

Whether you're here to learn how to live stream a funeral for a loved one or trying to improve the services you provide to your community, every small detail is important.

At EventLive, we gathered a list of frequently asked questions we received from funeral directors and families who used the app to share this important moment with their loved ones. This post will cover most of these. If your question is not on the list, please contact us.

How do grieving families access the webcast?

Accessing an EventLive live stream is easy and quick. All you need to do is share the automatically generated "Private Link" with families over email, private message or social media. They will be able to join with a single click.

The event URL can be customized and will match the event name.

Sample viewing page:

eventlive funeral service live stream
EventLive: Funeral viewing page

Can families watch the event at a later date?

Yes. Family and friends can access the viewing page for a full year after the event. Making the replay private is available within the event settings.

Funeral directors do not need to manage this, as the replay is uploaded automatically. It requires no time on your part.

Can families book the funeral live stream services directly?

Yes. Everyone can book a funeral or memorial live stream from our website.

Even though we work directly with funeral homes and directors, clients can book our services directly if they wanted to.

What's the maximum amount of guests that can attend the funeral or memorial?

All of our events include unlimited viewers to guarantee that no one will be ever locked out of an event.

How is it different than Facebook Live or YouTube?

The biggest difference with Social Media platforms is that EventLive offers a much better experience for bereaving families.
They don't need to register or download anything to watch, and we will never advertise or show "related" content next to them.

For the host of the event the difference is even more clear. You can schedule, customize and live stream an event in under 3 minutes. All of our settings are easy to understand and you will never waste time using EventLive.

Besides the ease-of-use and simplicity, our main advantage is that as long as you have a stable internet connection, the live stream will be a success. You will never face muted videos or blocked footage using our platform.

EventLive was designed from the ground-up to be a private live streaming platform that focuses on the viewers' experience.

Can I pause and resume the live stream at a different location?

Every event can be paused and resumed to the same link, as many times as needed within 24 hours. You won't have to notify family members or friends again, as they'll get an automatic email notification when you resume the webcast.

When the video is resumed, the new video will be automatically merged by our system to create a single download link at the end of the event. Downloads and Replays will include every part of the video that went live.

What equipment do I need to start live streaming funerals and memorials?

All you need to get started with EventLive is a tablet or Smartphone, a small tripod and an internet connection.

To improve the quality of your live stream, you can always add a small microphone but in many cases it is not necessary.

live stream using a phone on a tripod

Here's a small cheat-sheet in case you want to purchase any tools for this: Recommended Funeral Live Streaming Tools

Please be aware that you might not need to buy anything to achieve great results. Try the app first, and then check the live streaming test before ordering anything from Amazon.

Do you store a backup of every service?

We store an online backup of every service. Family and friends, or the funeral home clients, can access it at any time within a year.
Funeral homes have the option to store their clients' backups even longer, but we recommend every family that you download the backup after the event ends.

You will also get a backup automatically saved to your live streaming device (your tablet or Smartphone) immediately after you end the broadcast.

Will virtual events be password-protected?

Only if you wanted to.

Our platform is designed to be private, but it can be as public as you want it to be.
You can choose to hide your events completely, allow people with the link to watch, or simply set a Password and share it with the family.

By default, all events will grant access to watch to those who have access to the private link.

Can viewers attend from any country?

Yes. We don't have any restrictions or geo-blocking set.
Virtual guests will be able to attend from any country in the world.

Can I live stream funerals using a mobile data plan?

Yes. You can use WiFi, LTE, 4G or 5G to webcast live services. The app allows you to run free test events, in which you can verify your connection.
In many locations it is recommended to use WiFi (it usually works best indoors) and switch to a mobile data plan when going outdoors.

Can I display photos or slideshows of the deceased?

Yes, you can add a custom photo or slideshow to the viewing page.
Family members and friends will see it as they wait for the event to start.

Can the video be edited and re-uploaded?

Yes. In case that you needed to remove or edit any parts of the video, it can be edited and re-uploaded when the live stream ends.

The new video will replace the one that went live and everyone will be able to watch the new one at the same viewing page.

graveside live stream

EventLive for Funeral Homes

When you use EventLive for funeral homes, your clients don't need to do anything in order to watch besides joining the live event.

Do you offer packages for multiple services?

Yes. We do offer Event Credit Packs that make EventLive even more affordable for Funeral Homes.
Our packs start at 25 USD per event, up to 35 USD. The discount varies depending on the amount of events required.

If you work at a funeral home with multiple locations or one that requires a larger number of events, contact us directly. We can customize a package that fits your needs.

Can I live stream multiple services at the same time?

Yes. With a single EventLive account you can schedule and live stream multiple events running simultaneously.

This feature is particularly useful for Funeral Homes with multiple locations or services at different churches or venues.
Please note that if you need to live stream at the Church and then at the graveside, the same event can be paused and then resumed. We will automatically notify the viewers that opted in for updates.

Should I offer it within my packages or sell it as an add-on?

Most of the Funeral Homes we work with have decided to include it within every service. Some of them opted for charging for it at very affordable prices.

The goal of webcasting funerals and memorials isn't boosting profits. It's improving the services you provide as well as bettering your reputation amongst your community. Your business will grow, as well as the word of mouth, and families will be forever grateful.

Funeral Directors:

Live streaming offers a way to bring awareness to your funeral home while also giving families a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones in a way that feels personal and intimate.

Funeral homes and Directors need to adapt and be innovative to stay relevant. If your clients aren't asking about webcasting the service yet, they will do it very soon. Anticipating to their needs is just another way to better your services and fulfill their needs.

Do you have any other questions, or would like to talk over the phone?
Please do not hesitate to call us at +44 7588 302446 (UK) or +1 (786) 305-8530 (USA)

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