Honoring a Loved One: 8 Meaningful Celebration of Life Ideas

Julia Eskin
Julia Eskin
September 25, 2023
Honoring a Loved One: 8 Meaningful Celebration of Life Ideas

Losing someone close is never easy. A celebration of life is a wonderful way to honor your loved one's memory surrounded by family and friends. If you're planning a celebration of life and looking for ideas, here are some thoughtful ones to make it meaningful:

1. Live stream the Service

Live streaming allows those who can't attend in person to still be part of this special event. You can use Zoom or Facebook but we recommend using a platform built for live streaming private events, like EventLive.  It allows you to livestream a celebration of life using your smartphone and you can send the link in advance to anyone you want to invite virtually. Seeing comforting faces from afar can provide closure.

2. Share Cherished Memories

Open up the floor at the service for people to share their fondest and funniest stories about your loved one. Hearing these memories come to life pays tribute to the unique bonds they made. Set a time limit for sharing so everyone has a chance. 

3. Display a Photo Montage

Set up a slideshow of photos that highlight your loved one's life - from childhood to their last days. Accompany it with their favorite music for a touching tribute. Place the photo display in a prominent location for guests to enjoy.  We can recommend Canva as a free and easy-to-use tool for making slideshows.

4. Light Candles 

Have each guest light a candle in honor of your loved one. The glow creates a peaceful ambience. For safety, place candles in holders and have a way to extinguish them at the end.

5. Plant a Memorial Tree

Plant a tree in your loved one's honor that will grow for years to come. Choose one that reflects their personality - like planting a fruit tree for a loved one who enjoyed gardening. You can also place a memorial plaque at the base.

6. Serve Their Favorite Foods

At the reception after the service, serve food and drinks your loved one enjoyed. The familiar tastes and scents will spark fond memories of them. Comfort foods like casseroles are ideal for this type of gathering. 

7. Play Video Tributes

For any loved ones who couldn't make the trip, ask them to record and send a short video sharing their favorite memories. Play these during the service so everyone feels involved. It's a chance for the long-distance family to participate. 

8. Create a Memory Book

Make a book filled with photos, stories, and messages from friends and family about your loved one. This provides a keepsake for current and future generations to celebrate their life and legacy. 

A celebration of life is all about honoring the impact your loved one made through stories, photos, videos, and other meaningful actions to capture their spirit. Use these celebration of life ideas to craft a heartfelt tribute they'd be proud of. Most importantly, take care of yourself during this difficult time and allow yourself to grieve. Your loved one lives on in your memories and in each life, they touched.

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