Common Problems When Live Streaming Weddings and How to Fix Them

Julia Eskin
Julia Eskin
January 25, 2022
Common Problems When Live Streaming Weddings and How to Fix Them

Let’s discuss common problems when live streaming a wedding, and how to solve them.

Here are some problems you might face:

  • Video Interruptions
  • Audio Problems
  • No WiFi
  • Family & Friends Can't Join

The good news I have for you is that even though you can encounter some of these issues, thousands of couples were able to live stream their wedding with ease.

So.. why are we even talking about this? At EventLive, we simplified wedding live streaming to a point in which anyone can do it, but that doesn’t mean that problems won’t show up.

What you need to know is that some of these are big problems, but they can be easily solved by choosing the right platform from the start.

I summarised everything in this video, in case you prefer to watch than read. Otherwise, the full article is down below:

We’ll begin with the most common problem when live streaming.

Blocked or Interrupted Live Stream

If you’re planning to use a platform like Facebook Live or YouTube, keep in mind that your video can be blocked or muted.

They run automatic algorithms which will detect copyright abuse and you won’t know until later that your video was removed from the platform.

Copyright abuse sounds like a big deal, right? What you might not know is that this simply means playing any famous songs during the wedding live stream. Something as simple as walking down the aisle to your favorite song can ruin your entire live stream.

How to solve this issue?

Since you’re broadcasting to family and friends, you can easily fix this problem by choosing the right tools to do it.

Instead of using free social media websites, it’s best to choose a platform that is designed for private events, like EventLive.

Audio Problems during the Ceremony

Guests can’t hear anything? The audio problem is also a very common one while livestreaming ceremonies.

There are many different things that might cause this, from being too far away from the action, to not having a sound system in place.

While using the EventLive app to broadcast the wedding, you will find an audio meter on the screen that indicates very clearly whether the audio can be heard, or not.

How to solve audio problems

The solutions to this problem are fairly simple:

  • Get closer to the action by actually moving your tripod and/or recording device.
  • Get closer to the sound system or audio source while making sure that nothing will block your view during the live stream.
  • Get a microphone, either a shotgun mic or a wireless one. They cost under 100 USD and they will vastly improve your audio quality.

No WiFi at the venue

The day of the wedding is finally here. You arrive at the venue, only to find out that the WiFi signal is poor and the speed doesn’t work for live streaming. It’s unstable and slow.

What do you do?

In most areas, you can get by using the LTE connection on your phone. If you are in a very centric spot or a big city, 5G might also be an option, which is usually faster than the WiFi from most venues.

How to solve this problem?

To find out if mobile data will work for you, you can run a free speed test using You need an upload speed of at least 3mbps+.

Let’s imagine that your signal isn’t great and you have to live stream within the next hour. You can use any other mobile carrier at the same location and get great results, even when standing in the same spot. If you don’t have a second carrier, someone at the venue might.

When using EventLive, you can share your live streaming link with them and use their smartphone instead.

If that didn’t help, testing your speed on different spots or standing closer to windows or open-air spaces usually helps a lot.

No WiFi? No Mobile Data?

Don’t panic! There’s one last solution.

EventLive allows you to hit record during the ceremony even if there isn’t an internet connection in place. The video will be automatically saved to your device, and you can upload it to the event page as soon as you have access to an internet connection.

What’s the benefit of doing this?

Family and friends might not even notice that you run into this problem, and they’ll think that the ceremony started 20-30 minutes late. They will have access to the entire ceremony and the full replay for a year.

Family and Friends Can’t Join

This is a complete nightmare if you’re planning to use Zoom or Facebook and some family members can’t access the live stream.

The problem comes from platforms asking for registration in order to watch events, and sometimes the entire process prevents someone from attending the wedding ceremony on time.

This is easily solved by choosing a platform in which your event can be accessed with a single click. No signup or registration is needed.

When choosing EventLive for your wedding live stream, your guests can also be automatically notified so they get an email with a direct link to your event as soon as it begins.

Final Tips

Most of these problems can be avoided completely by following these tips:

  • Verify that the internet connection at the venue works properly. Check for a backup connection, such as LTE or 5G.
  • If you can, visit the location ahead of time to make sure that you will be able to live stream with ease. Remember that when guests arrive, the WiFi speed might decrease considerably as more people will be using it.
  • Got access to a microphone? Use it. Otherwise try to stay closer to the speakers or to the action.
  • Delegate! If you’re part of the wedding, ask someone to live stream on your behalf.
  • Avoid social media platforms for live streaming important events, as there is a very big chance that the broadcast will be interrupted when the music starts playing.
  • Choose a platform that allows you to solve all problems before they arise. I might be biased, but EventLive is the easy solution for a wedding live stream.
Live Stream Your Wedding

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