What do you need to live stream funerals & memorials?

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
September 10, 2021
What do you need to live stream funerals & memorials?

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  3. How to fix common live streaming problems

To offer a successful live stream, you will need to think about Video, Audio, Live Streaming Platform, and an Internet Connection. Let’s explore the basics you need for each one of them.

Video: Live Streaming Cameras

You can use any of the following cameras:

  • Smartphone (easiest)
  • Tablet / iPad (most convenient)
  • PTZ Cameras already installed at the church or funeral home
  • Any other cameras, such as DSRL or Camcorders

The easiest way to start is to attach a Smartphone or Tablet to a tripod and use a Private Live Streaming App. It takes about 5 minutes to get this set up ready.

Audio for a Successful Broadcast

On some occasions, you might want to add a microphone to improve the audio quality of your production. Please note that when there is a sound system in place, your device should be able to capture the available audio.

For graveside or cemetery live streams, you might need a microphone to hear the speaker on windy days.

Recommended Microphones:

For mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets:

For a slightly lower quality but easier to use, you can plug-in a microphone directly for iPhones or iPads with Lightning Connector:

Microphones for DSRL and other cameras:


Here are a few recommendations that work for every kit:

All of them are perfectly fine for a live streaming kit. The light stand occupies less space, it's much taller, and it is easier to set up.

Depending on your recording device, you will need a mount to place your smartphone or tablet on top of your tripod:

Live Streaming Platform

While many funeral homes started using Facebook Live during the pandemic, there are better options when it comes to live streaming funerals & memorials.

To avoid technical difficulties and copyright issues, you should avoid free alternatives and opt for an affordable option instead. “Free” services advertise on live streams and may shut down your broadcasts when they include music, even if it’s playing in the background.

EventLive offers a live streaming platform that works from any computer or mobile device, such as tablets or smartphones. It is also a time-saver, when compared to Facebook Live or YouTube, as you don’t need to micro-manage details or handle guests.

Recordings will be available to family and friends automatically, when the live stream ends. They can watch it for a full year. Download links will be available to the funeral home at no additional charge and can be easily shared with the family.

Just like Facebook, Eventlive doesn’t require any more equipment than a mobile device (tablet, phone) and an internet connection. It is free to get started as you can try 3 events and pay only if you want to keep using it.

You can sign up or download the private live streaming app to get started.

Internet Requirements for Live Streaming Funerals & Memorials

While this might seem like a daunting topic at first, it is easy to solve in most scenarios. The first thing you need to know is that both WiFi and LTE/4G/5G are perfectly capable of live streaming.

Unless your location doesn't allow for it, the best option is to use a stable WiFi connection. The most reliable alternative is to use an unlimited data plan.

How fast does your internet connection need to be?

To guarantee a hassle-free live stream, you need a 3mbps+ upload speed.
You can verify your upload speed in under 30 seconds using a speed tester.

What happens if your internet upload speed is lower than 3mbps?
Viewers might experience lag, a stuttering video, or a blurry image, depending on how stable the connection is.

Here is a post on how to fix common connection problems at churches, graveside ceremonies, and other locations.

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