How to write an obituary for your loved one, for free

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
February 2, 2023
How to write an obituary for your loved one, for free

Writing an obituary can be a difficult and emotional task, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We work hand in hand with funeral directors. They see families struggle to write an obituary on a daily basis, and we wanted to fix this.

At the beginning of 2023, we designed a tool that writes the obituary for you. For free. No catch, no hidden pricing. We don’t even collect your data.

Our Obituary Writer makes the process of creating an obituary so simple that anybody can do it. Even if you’re in a rush and you need a short death notice for the newspaper, or a eulogy for the funeral service.

That’s all you need to know. Just try it now, you will see how simple it is.
Keep reading if you’re curious about how it works.

What is the Free Obituary Writer?

It’s a web-based tool that uses AI technology to write a professional obituary for your loved one.

We customized the algorithm to analyze the information you provide and use it to craft a fitting tribute to the deceased.

The best part is that if you skip fields or miss some information, we will remove it and you can still get an amazing text written with very little input.

Why using an AI tool to write something like this?

The main reason why people use it, is the instant turn-around. You don't have to go back and forth with a professional obituary writer, have an interview with them, and then do another call to fix a few details you don't love about the final result. But this isn't the only reason.

When families start the process of writing an obituary, eulogy or death notice, they realize that all of this comes at an expense. And it's not very affordable, to be honest with you.

Most writers charge anywhere between 300 and 450 USD to deliver a professional, hand-written piece. The process looks like this: You'll have someone interviewing you to collect the required information, you must pay at least 50% in advance in most cases, and then they return the obituary in about 48-72 hours.

That entire process can be replaced with 5 minutes of your time. You can prepare a cup of coffee and use this tool at the comfort of your home.

How to use the Obituary Writer

You must fill out a form with information about your loved one. It might seem lengthy at first, but you can enter only the information that you want.

It takes less than 5 minutes to have a professionally-looking result.

The obituary can be edited and modified as you please, giving you complete control over the final text. You can add or remove details, change the tone, and make it truly reflective of your loved one's life.

Print, Publish, and Host the Obituary for Free

Once you're satisfied with the obituary, you can publish and host it for free on our platform. 

This makes it easy to share the obituary with family and friends, and ensures that it will be available online for years to come. This is also free.

If you want to print the obituary, there’s a simple “Print” button on the final page that you can use. Just like everything else, it’s free.

Why is it free and what are you doing with my information?

It’s free because we wanted to solve a problem for grieving families, and we wanted to compromise nothing to get it done.

Just so you know, EventLive makes all of its revenue from live streaming events. Several funeral homes use our platform to live stream funerals, and families can do the same for a very affordable price. Hint: this isn’t free as we need to pay our salaries.

We do not collect your data, we don’t sell your information, we don’t share it with third parties, and we don’t have any hidden fees.

All the information we collect is how many people complete the fields/form, and if they publish it at the end. If you want to sign up to our platform, we’ll get your name and email address.

Use the Obituary Writer for Free

Writing an obituary is an important task, but not an enjoyable one for most families.

The obituary writer makes it easy and free. You can have a professionally-looking obituary in minutes, with the ability to edit and publish it for free.

It’s your opportunity to ensure that your loved one's life and legacy is remembered exactly as you wanted it to be.

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