Free Scripts: How to Add Live Streaming to Your Wedding Packages

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
July 13, 2021
Free Scripts: How to Add Live Streaming to Your Wedding Packages

‍You already know that live streaming is here to stay.

Your clients are interested and you're eager to try it.

We told you it's an easy sell... and we're not lying.

So.. how do you offer it?

Today, I'll help you include live streaming services in your wedding packages.

Thinking about it... "help you" is an understatement. I'll give you the exact text you need to use to increase your bookings and get couples to try live streaming on their wedding day.

How to include live streaming services in your wedding packages

To start, think about your clients' needs.

What do they value the most?

  • Is it giving their family and friends the opportunity to celebrate with them?
  • Making it easy to watch for the ones who couldn't be there?
  • Maybe they just care about having a video they can watch in the future drinking a bottle of wine.
  • But what about the extras? What about all the wishes and comments left in the guestbook?
  • What about being able to invite everyone without struggling to stay within budget?

Once you figure out what your clients value, you can modify the following scripts to match your brand tone and voice. The key here is to use your own words when selling, so it looks like you're not.

If you need help adapting any of these texts, let me know.

Free scripts to sell live streaming services

I created three different options for you with all the basics you need to include. Feel free to modify them and adapt them to the coverage you want to provide to your wedding couples.

Download them in a PDF file

Keep them handy for when you need them.

Thank you!

Script #1: Detailed

Our live streaming packages are designed for couples that want to share their Wedding Day with friends and family back home. If you have someone close to you that couldn't make the trip, you could have them as virtual guests and let them join your celebration.

We’ll take care of everything and the only thing you need to do is share your private link with them.

In case that you’re worried about them not being able to attend, we use a one-click solution that is easy even for the elderly. They’ll be able to join with a single click.

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited amount of guests
  • Virtual Guestbook including photos
  • Customizable link + Privacy features
  • Full HD Download available of your Live Stream
  • Replay available for one year
  • Add links to your registry

Here’s what your guests get:

  • Access to your Wedding without apps or signups
  • They can watch on TV, laptop, tablets or smartphones
  • Replay available in case that they miss the live event
  • An opportunity to leave you a message and pictures of how they experienced your event

Script #2: Short and Sweet

We offer Live Streaming services so you can have your family and friends watching back home as you say I Do.

As we know how important this moment is to you and your family, we use a private service that allows even the technologically challenged to attend the event with ease.

You will be able to invite as many people as you wish, and you will receive a full video of the live stream available as soon as it ends. This will allow you to bring everyone together and join your most important day as a couple.

Our packages include the following events:

  • A
  • B

If you decide to add any extra coverage to your live stream, the price for each additional hour would be $X.

No matter which alternative you choose, your family and friends back home will have the opportunity to leave a message and a photo on your guest book, and you will be able to download and print it as soon as you go back home.

Script #3: Destination Weddings

Planning a destination wedding is not an easy task. There are so many decisions to make, and for most of our couples, one of the most stressful ones is who to invite.

I lost count of how many times an important family member or friend couldn’t make the trip and for that, we have found the perfect solution.

Since the pandemic began we felt the need to be closer to the ones we love, and there’s no better time to be close than a wedding. If some of your family and friends cannot be here for your event, we recommend you take advantage of our live streaming services.

They’re so easy for everyone back home that they’ll feel like they’re right there with you as you say I do. All you need to do is to share a private link with them and enjoy your wedding day, they’ll be watching.

Our packages start at $X, and they include ceremony coverage as well as the first dances and speeches. Please be aware, you might have to ask your aunt to stop crying over her keyboard.

Everyone back home will be able to drop a quick message on your guestbook, and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding day without the guilt of not having everyone there.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited amount of guests
  • Virtual Guestbook including photos
  • Customizable link + Privacy features
  • Replay available for one year
  • Add links to your registry

Oh, and before I forget: You’ll get a beautiful full HD recording of the live stream so you can watch your wedding before you receive the full wedding video from us.

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