Post-Covid: Is live streaming your wedding worth it?

Julia Eskin
Julia Eskin
November 4, 2021
Post-Covid: Is live streaming your wedding worth it?

While engaged couples are busy doing all the wedding planning, it's also an exciting time for tech-savvy couples looking to have a modern wedding. Streaming your wedding takes things to the next level. It captures the whole day, live, so your friends and family that couldn’t be there can be part of it.

As covid fears for another wave of wedding cancellations start to fade, you might be wondering if live streaming your event is still worth it.

Well… is it? Let’s find out.

Live Streaming Your Wedding, Pros and Cons

I’ll begin with the negatives because I believe that the positives far outweigh the first group.

You have to take care of one more thing

Yikes. Weddings are hectic already. Can you imagine having to deal with the venue’s internet connection, or even thinking about having a fully charged phone before the ceremony?

As bad as it might sound, it’s actually fairly easy to solve. Assign someone to help you with this. Their only responsibility is to charge their phone, use the EventLive app for your wedding and set it on a small tripod. That’s it.

The Internet can be a mess

This isn’t that strange if you think about it. As Murphy’s law states, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”. Sadly, a bad internet connection is one of those things that could ruin your live stream. 

How do you solve this? Having a backup. Simply get an unlimited data plan on your phone using LTE, 4G, or even a WiFi hotspot if you have access to it. You can swap your internet connection at any time to solve this problem.

You need to manage virtual guests

Only if you choose the wrong platform! Live streaming weddings with Zoom isn’t ideal… but if you go for a platform that allows guests to leave thoughtful messages instead of talking while you get married, this problem is fixed from the get-go.

Live Streaming apps like YouTube or EventLive allow you to do this. When using YouTube, you’d need at least 1000 subscribers to broadcast from your smartphone, a limitation that doesn't exist with EventLive's app.

wedding couple during live stream

Why is streaming your wedding worth it?

Now that we explored all the bad stuff, let’s focus on why you should consider including your family and friends with a wedding live stream.

You will get an extra video

You read that right. After the wedding stream ends, you will have a video that is ready to download. This means that you won’t have to wait for weeks for your videographer to deliver his edited work. Your live stream video will be available right away.

Guests who missed it can watch a replay

As much as your virtual guests love you, they might have other things to do on the exact date and time of your wedding day. Maybe there's a time difference between your countries, and your ceremony time takes place at night or early morning.

If they missed if, they can watch a replay immediately after it ends. When live streaming with a platform such as EventLive, your replay stays online for one year.

You get a virtual guestbook

Can you picture yourself reading all the love comments from anyone who joined the virtual event? You’ll be able to download your digital guestbook. One more keepsake from your wedding day.

It’s so affordable, it won’t affect your budget

If you’re going for a DIY live stream, the cost is negligible. It won’t affect your budget and you won’t need to reduce your guest list or even cut down on other costs like open bar or flowers.

Looking for a DIY wedding live stream? Have a look!

diy wedding live stream

You can invite unlimited people, basically for free

I’m sure you don’t want “unlimited” people watching your wedding, but what about inviting the ones that you’d like to, but would increase your budget or even force you to choose a bigger venue?

When your event is online, you can simply share a link to those who matter to you, and they’ll be able to tune in and share their positive vibes with you, no matter where they are.

Guests who cannot physically be there are now invited to take part

Loved ones who are not able to attend your wedding can still be there through the livestream. Think about your elder family members, coworkers you love, childhood friends who live far away, and other important people in your life. You can include them on your digital invites and make them feel closer on your special day. It only takes a single click to join and watch.

Gift registry has never been easier

When virtual guests are watching your live ceremony, they'll have access to a set of links that you can provide for them. You could add the wedding program, wedding website, gift registry links, cash apps, and many others. This will naturally increase their desire to support your renewed journey together, as a married couple.

You can add links from Zola, The Knot, Amazon, or any other services you like. If you prefer cash apps instead, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and many others can be added too.


The best part about a wedding livestream is that you can make it your own. It can be professional, DIY, promoted heavily, or as intimate as a dinner table.

You can choose who you share your day with, and the kind of event you want to have. Live streaming your ceremony will allow everyone you care about to be there, physically or in spirit. Isn’t that a reason enough to consider it?

DIY Wedding Live Stream

Doing your own live stream is really easy with EventLive. All you need is a smartphone to get started.

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