How to Improve Audio When Live Streaming a Wedding

Mark Sergienko
Mark Sergienko
July 7, 2021
How to Improve Audio When Live Streaming a Wedding

Congratulations! I'm thrilled to know that you decided to live stream your wedding day. Getting good video is important, but getting good audio is key.

Nobody wants to watch a wedding ceremony in which you can't hear the vows, right? There are a few different ways to solve audio problems, and we'll explore them in this post.

If you're looking for tips on how to live stream your wedding, you should have a look at our in-depth guide instead. Otherwise, let's continue.

Audio Solutions for Live Streaming

In most cases, the internal microphone on your smartphone will work great and you won’t need any additional gear. This includes indoor setups, as well as outdoor weddings with speakers nearby the ceremony.

Planning your event at a windy location?

I definitely recommend placing your phone and tripod as close as you can to the wedding couple. In this particular scenario, purchasing a shotgun microphone would be a great idea.

I highly recommend you test different options before the event and see which solution works best. You can do that for free using our app.

Live streaming your wedding with the internal mic of your phone

Is there going to be a sound system in place?

Assuming you do have one, the built-in microphone inside your phone will work just fine. It will capture everything that's coming out of the speakers and the audio should be clear for your guests watching at home.

If you won’t have a sound system in place at your wedding venue, we recommend placing the streaming device (phone or camera) as close as possible to where you are going to be speaking.

The internal microphone will pick up the sound really well when it’s placed close enough, assuming there are low noise levels around you.

phone live streaming a wedding

Fixing audio problems on your wedding live stream

What if the smartphone microphone isn't good enough?

The alternatives include purchasing a shotgun, lavalier, or wireless microphone, or using things you might already have, like your AirPods.

Next, I'll show you the alternative ways in which you can fix common audio problems on your virtual wedding.

Using a Shotgun microphone with your phone

This is the simplest option and works great with almost every situation. You will need a simple shotgun microphone and an adapter for iPhone, if you're using one.

Most shotgun microphones will do the job. I can personally recommend the Rode VideoMicro because of its sound and build quality. There are also cheaper alternatives like the Boya Mini that should perform almost as good.

Both of them will work with most phones. For iPhone, you will need an adapter to connect the headphone jack to Apple's lightning connector.

audio solutions for live streaming a wedding

Using Airpods as a wireless microphone for live streaming

Since you might already own a set of AirPods, i'll include them in the list.

Apple's AirPods have a built-in Bluetooth microphone which works great as an alternative to purchasing another Bluetooth mic.

To use AirPods for live streaming, follow these steps:

  • Connect the Airpods via Bluetooth to the iPhone.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings, Find your Airpods listed and click on the “i” icon.
  • Turn “Automatic Ear Detection” OFF. This step is very important and enables the Airpods to be used as a microphone handheld.

Whether you decide to use the AirPods or not, make sure to test the audio before live streaming your wedding day. Remember that you can run unlimited free tests using our app.

using airpods for live streaming a wedding

Using a wired microphone: Lavalier connected to the phone

Location permitting, you can also use a wired Lavalier mic. Simply connect the microphone to the phone to test it. You might need a headphone jack to lightning adapter to connect the mic to your iPhone.

The downside of using a wired microphone is that you need to keep the mic close to the couple and the phone at a safe distance so it doesn't bother the photographer or videographer on location.

Assuming you decide to try this, please make sure to watch out for the cord.

Using a professional wireless mic for live streaming your wedding day

If you would like to use a professional option, I strongly recommend the Rode Wireless Go. This wireless microphone will give you excellent quality without interfering with your live stream.

Since this solution was created for cameras, you would have to add one cable to your toolkit. The microphone's cord needs to be replaced with a TRS to 3.5mm TRRS adaptor to connect it to your phone. When using an iPhone, remember that you will need a headphone jack to lightning adapter too.

How to improve your live streaming audio

  • To fix the most common audio problems when live streaming, get closer to the action whenever you can.
  • If there's a sound system in place, place the phone closer to the speakers to capture the best audio
  • When using the built-in smartphone mic, make sure you're not blocking the microphone with your hands
  • When using a shotgun microphone, make sure it is pointing directly at the bride and groom as it will block everything else.
  • When using your AirPods, stay at a close range to avoid Bluetooth connectivity problems

That would be it for audio solutions. If you're looking to improve your entire live streaming experience, check out our Live Streaming Your Wedding guide.

Do you have questions about any of this?
We're here to help. Don't hesitate to let us know.

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