Building a live streaming platform for event live streamers

Mark Sergienko
Mark Sergienko
February 16, 2022
Building a live streaming platform for event live streamers

About a year ago, we found out that small business owners and EventLive were a perfect fit. 

I knew that improving our platform for small businesses would be challenging, but the results we’re seeing keep pushing us forward. More and more businesses around the world started live streaming events on a daily basis, and their businesses are growing alongside ours.

We’re listening to our streamers and building the platform based on their feedback, which is why your opinion and comments are so important to us.

I’ll tell you about our new features for mobile devices, as well as the tools we designed to help you sell more live streams, such as white labeling and your own streaming gallery.

To start, we’ve improved our iOS app and we’re working on the Android version.

We developed and launched:

  • Audio monitoring
  • Automatic audio switching based on the camera that’s being used
  • Zoom controls
  • Image stabilization
  • Live Viewer count
  • Exposure control
  • Many other small improvements!

live streaming app features

White Labeling Your Live Streams

The next feature I want to talk about is probably the most important one for your business.

We just released the ability to white label our platform!

Your clients will now receive emails from your company, instead of ours. Event reminders will now include your logo, so make sure to upload it on your account settings.

live streaming notification over email

What does white labeling mean for your business?

Well, you can now sell streaming services without giving away your secrets. Your viewing page will include your logo, as well as your emails. We’re removing our branding so your clients can focus on your business every time there’s an interaction.

This is huge, and we’re happy to offer it after so many requests from all of you.

Video Wall: Your Own Live Stream Gallery

To finalize this summary, we built a Video Wall to showcase your work. Not only it will help you book more clients, but you can also make it a part of your website, so new clients can find their event easily.

You can find your video wall within your account settings.

The Video Wall provides:

  • More exposure to your live streaming services
  • Easier time selling
  • Proof to your clients that the service is in high demand
  • Embedding allows you to make live streaming a section on your website, so your clients spend more time on your page, to improve your SEO.

live streaming gallery

We want to keep improving based on your feedback.
Which features would you like to see on EventLive’s platform?

Thank you once again for trusting us,

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Mark Sergienko
Mark Sergienko

EventLive Founder, Entrepreneur. Live streaming & Wedding / Event Photography / Industry professional.

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