Top 5 Mobile Live Streaming Apps

Julia Eskin
Julia Eskin
October 12, 2023
Top 5 Mobile Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming from mobile devices has exploded in popularity in recent years. Apps like Facebook Live and Instagram Live have put the power of broadcasting in everyone's pockets. Now anyone can go live and share moments, experiences, and events with family and friends all over the world in real time.

For content creators, businesses, organizations, and even everyday users, mobile live streaming opens up new and exciting opportunities for connection and engagement. 

In this post, we dive into the details of the top 5 most popular apps for live streaming from your mobile device in 2023. We'll overview how each platform works, who the typical audiences are, key features that make them stand out, and the pros and cons of using each app for your live streaming needs. Whether you want to broadcast a private event, like wedding or funeral, share your travel adventures, interact with fans, or host a virtual event, these apps can make it happen right from your phone. Let's take a look at the top options!

1. Facebook Live

Allows Facebook users to go live and stream video to their followers. One of the most widely used apps.

- Huge built-in audience of Facebook users

- Easy to share streams natively to Timeline and Groups

- Monetization options for content creators


- Copyright issues if you are planning to use music in your video

- Technical and moderation limitations for long streams

- Privacy concerns linking personal profile

2. Instagram Live

Instagram's built-in live streaming feature. Stream to your followers right within the Instagram app.

- Native experience within popular Instagram app

- Leverages existing follower base on the platform

- Can interact directly with the viewers


- Time limit on streams (capped at 1 hour)

- Need to have Instagram installed / account to view the video

- Quality of the video is an issue in many cases

3. EventLive

Mobile app designed specifically for streaming from a smartphone or tablet.  Stream to a private link.
-No issues with copyrighted music, since you are streaming to a private link

-Viewers don’t need accounts / registrations to watch the live stream

-Back up video saved directly to mobile device in case the connection on location is not great

-Not really suitable for building a subscriber base or audience

-Paid app

-Need to download EventLive app to broadcast

4. YouTube Live

Allows YouTubers to live stream events, gaming, vlogs, and more straight to YouTube. 


- Direct integration with YouTube platform

- Streams are archived as videos on channel

- Supports ultra long streams without limits


- Needs at least 50 subscribers to live stream from mobile

- Chat moderation can be difficult with high viewership 

- Potential copyright issues with unlicensed music

5. TikTok Live

TikTok users can live stream to their followers. Popular for streaming creative and entertainment content.


- Tap into TikTok's large, young user base

- Native gifts and effects features boost engagement

- Share live moments authentically  


- Very short max stream time limit 

- Limited discovery outside of the existing follower base

- Viewers need the TikTok app to view the live video

There are now so many great options for live streaming directly from your mobile device. Each of the apps we covered has its own strengths and advantages depending on your specific needs and audience. Consider factors like what you are planning to live stream, who the viewers are, privacy concerns, and stream length when deciding which platforms make the most sense for your live streams.

While native apps like Facebook Live and Instagram Live leverage existing audiences well, standalone streaming tools like EventLive allow easy streaming to a private link and simple access via a short link for the viewers. And short-form, mobile-first apps like TikTok Live cater specifically to a young, social media-savvy demographic. 

The world of mobile live streaming continues to grow and evolve rapidly. Make sure to test out a few options to see what works best for your event and audience. 

We hope this overview of the top 5 platforms gives you a useful starting point to embrace live broadcasting. 

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