Tips and Tricks to Live Stream your Wedding Day

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
October 4, 2021
Tips and Tricks to Live Stream your Wedding Day

Live streaming a wedding is a great way to make sure that your loved ones who couldn't be there can see the day unfold. It allows you to share the moments you cherish with those who matter the most to you and your significant other.

If you’re a DIY kind of couple, you can broadcast your ceremony without hiring a professional videographer. It’s easier than it looks!

You can watch this 3-minute video, or read the article down below:

In this post, I will share a few tips and tricks to make your wedding live stream a success. Let’s start with the first one:

Make sure that you have access to the venue’s WiFi

When getting married indoors, WiFi is usually the best option for a good broadcasting experience. As 4G/5G isn’t always available indoors, I recommend you to ask your wedding planner for the WiFi password and a speed test before the event starts.

Concerned about internet speed? You can verify it in under 30 seconds for free. All you need is an upload speed of 3mbps or more.

Have another internet connection

The most important aspect of a live stream is the internet connection. It guarantees a much clearer image, a buttery smooth video, and removes 90% of the problems you might face during the transmission.

The easiest way to solve this is to have an unlimited data plan on your phone. 4G or 5G work great for this.

Use the right platform to live stream your wedding

You can use Facebook Live or YouTube, but they don’t come without big drawbacks.

When using EventLive to live stream your wedding, almost everything that could go wrong is instantly fixed. Your guests don’t need passwords, accounts, or apps to watch your event.

Your wedding video is automatically saved to your phone in case the internet goes down, and you get to re-upload it for your guests to watch it later if they missed it live. Which they probably won't, because they will be notified automatically when you go live.

private live streaming app for weddings

Ask someone to record on your behalf

No matter how easy live streaming is, it’s your wedding day we’re talking about. You should ask someone in advance to handle the phone and tripod so you can relax and enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

Use a Tripod

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a shaky video when you’re sitting at home with your family and you can barely see what’s going on. Using a tripod will allow your guests to focus on your beautiful vows instead of the pulse of the person holding the phone. Any tripod will do, you don’t need a fancy one for this.

Record Horizontally

Even though you might be recording from your phone, your family and friends will have a much better experience if you record horizontally instead of vertically. It will allow them to watch on a tv sitting on their couch, on a laptop, or even using the full-screen mode on their smartphone.

When using EventLive, the app will automatically force you to turn your phone sideways before starting the event, so you don't forget ;)

wedding live streaming

Set your phone on Do Not Disturb

I’m sure you’re not excited about the idea of your phone cutting off your live stream. The best way to solve this problem is to set your phone to Do Not Disturb. To ease your nerves, this problem doesn’t happen with EventLive’s app, unless you answer the phone, of course.

Run a Live Streaming Test before the day of the event

To minimize problems and guarantee an amazing experience for your family and friends, you should run a test before the wedding day. It only takes 2 minutes and it allows you to test audio, video, and internet problems before the actual event.

When using Facebook Live or YouTube, you will need to create a real event and hide it from people in order to run a test. If you choose to use EventLive, all you need is to press a single “Test” button and it will automatically create a “Test Event” that only you will have access to. It couldn’t be any easier than that.

Do you have any questions about how to live stream your event? You can find answers on our Weddings section, or continue reading our in-depth guide on how to live stream weddings.

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