Best Deals on Live Streaming Gear

Gaston Garcia
Gaston Garcia
December 30, 2021
Best Deals on Live Streaming Gear

Building a live streaming kit can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting the top of the line microphone might be useful for a short movie, but it’s usually not needed to stream a wedding ceremony.

Today we’re sharing some of the best deals for live streaming-related products.

It is not a sponsored post, and these are not affiliate links.
We just think these are genuinely good deals.

iPhone Magsafe mount deal!

The first spot on our list goes to the Ulanzi ST-28 iPhone mount. Why iPhone, and not “smartphone”? Because it uses Apple’s Magsafe to attach and hold your phone.

magsafe iphone mount

It is a direct competitor to Moment’s Tripod Magsafe Mount, but at half the price.

When buying directly from Ulanzi’s website, you can use the code NY5 to get $5 off.

If you’re not aware of Ulanzi, it’s a brand that has been continuously developing products in the vlogging category. This is perfect for us, smartphone streamers, since it allows us to use all these gadgets for a very small investment.

Synco G1T and G1L: $10 OFF

Wireless microphones on a budget? Hell yeah!

At EventLive we used and tested the Synco G1 mic at many events and we love it. It’s very affordable, trustworthy, and very compact.

Synco G1T and G1L Wireless Mic

Not long ago, Synco released the G1T and G1L that attach the receiver directly to your smartphone. The G1T version features a USB-C connector, while the G1L features a Lightning one. What's amazing about these microphones, is that you can replace the connector using their magnetic pins. Mind-blowing feature right there.

Today, you can get either of them for $10 OFF using the code NY10 on checkout.

Moment Store: Get 15% OFF on several products!

Right now you can get a $249 Shure mobile kit including an MV88+, a small tripod and a smartphone mount for $204 USD! It expires in 2 days, so you have to be quick.

Use the code WELCOMETOMOMENT to save 15% on every product in the Moment store.

shure mv88 live streaming kit

You can get smartphone lenses, backpacks, microphones, or any piece of equipment you might need. The caveat? You need to spend $150+ to get the discount.

Please be aware that you need to register for the promo code to work.

iOgrapher Store: 15% OFF!

If you’re building a smartphone streaming setup, iOgrapher offers some amazing products for Apple devices.

They have cages for iPhones and iPads, as well as full streaming kits.

iographer iphone cage for live streaming

You can get 15% off on most products using the code TAKE15.

We previously included some of their products on our smartphone streaming toolkit, so you can check that one out if you haven’t done it already.

Rode Wireless Go II: The lowest price we've seen

These are a fantastic addition to any live streamer's kit! The Rode Wireless Go II usually sell for $299, but at this very moment, Abe’s Electronic Center is selling them for $266.99 on Amazon! With free shipping included.

rode wireless microphones

I’ve never seen the Wireless Go II at a better price. Not only these are worth buying, they also won't need to be replaced for years, as they're super reliable and built to last.

Do you know any other good deals at the moment?
Get in contact with us and let us know, we'd love to add them to the list.

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