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Help families stay connected during moments of grief.

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A Live Streaming App That Works on Every Location

Ease of use for you and your organization

All you need is a mobile device and a tripod to start live streaming funerals and memorials.

Provide families with a memorable way to commemorate their loved ones. No ads. No additional setup required.

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Memories Cherished Forever

The funeral live stream video is recorded automatically and the service is available for playback at any time. Families can have the option to download the full recording after the event.

During the service, guests have the option to include a personal tribute in the guestbook, which can be downloaded.

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Peace of Mind for your clients

One click will give attendees instant access to the funeral live stream wherever they are. No downloads or accounts required.

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Privacy for the community you serve

Offer a private live streaming experience, away from social media. Customize your viewing page with your logo to show a safe space for the deceased and their families.

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