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A reliable solution that won't let you down

EventLive is a professional-grade platform. We've built a scalable, resilient infrastructure utilizing the best cloud providers and content delivery networks. Stream in 720p or 1080p. It adapts the output to all internet speeds, minimizing buffering and providing smooth playback across the globe.

Make it your main business or offer as an add-on. It’s simple, robust, reliable and easy to use


Go Live with our app or with your professional setup.

Our app features adaptive bitrate, reconnects automatically, and records a local copy. It's easy to use standalone or as a backup.
Get a dedicated RTMP stream key for every event. Use your computer, hardware switcher, or supported devices like GoPro or Mevo for unlimited creativity.
Check our helpdesk for optimal settings, guides, and other tips

Huge value-add for your clients.

Create an event to get a link that you can share with your client in advance. Add a cover image or a slideshow. The link includes a live guestbook that the guests can sign and attach their photos to. The event page is clean and professional. It's easy for clients to share.

Use EventLive for video delivery

If you find yourself at a remote location with weak internet, you can upload a recording through our portal and notify the viewers right after you get back to reception.

Perfect solution for offering live streaming to our clients, especially during Covid

Why Event Live?

We've powered 1000s of live events and pioneered a service for wedding live streaming. Talk to us if you need help with going live.

All the detail

Stream all day. Stop and re-start the stream, to continue streaming to the same link.

No stream blocking

We are not a social network, and our stream links are private. We act on DMCA complaints from copyright holders, and do not employ automated background blocking.

Interactive Guestbook

Family and friends can leave wishes and messages and attach their photos in a guestbook. The guestbook can be exported and printed.

Privacy Settings

Let the clients choose who they share the stream link with. No ads, no login. Add password protection to the page.

Email reminders

Automatic email reminders one day, 1 hour and when event goes LIVE.

Share the download link

The replay is available at the link right after the live is done! Let your clients download the video to keep forever.

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Simple, Fair Pricing

Unlimited test streams


  • Private test link, see exactly how it looks
  • Test on location
  • Phone, chat, email technical support

Single Event

$50 /event

  • Unlimited viewers
  • One time payment - NO subscriptions!
  • 24 hours HD streaming: stop and re-start as needed
  • Stream replay / download available for 365 days
  • Customise and embed your stream page
  • Canceled event? Reschedule for free
  • Unlimited phone, chat, email support

Bulk Purchase

$350 /10 events

  • Discounted credits for professionals
  • Offer to clients at your own fair price
  • Add your logo to the event page

Talk to us about multi-day events, wholesale purchases, large audience events, pay per view and partnerships!

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